Project Development Objective

The Project aims to help conflict-and/or flood-affected communities and villages in North,East and the adjoining areas by restoring their livelihoods, enhancing agricultural production and income, and building their capacity for sustainable social and economic reintegration.

The principal activities & Scope of the Project

  1. Empowering and harmonizing the Civil Society with sustainable livelihood and good governance to improve their livelihood in conflict and disaster affected areas.
  2. Formation and Strengthening of Community Institutions , building capacity, providing livelihood funds ( Micro Finance facilities to develop village level industries) and supporting vulnerable with adequate means of support and assistance .
  3. Rehabilitation of Village Infrastructures such as Irrigation Schemes, Roads, buildings, and drinking water schemes.
  4. Essential rehabilitation of major Irrigation schemes and providing guidance to farmers on water management, new technological approaches to increase productivity, and value additions.
  5. Setting up Village Cluster level activities focusing on mass productions , value additions and improved market linkages
  6. Project implementation